Pastured Eggs

Throughout the pasturing season, our hens are moved through fresh, certified organic pasture in mobile pasture shelters.  The vitamin rich forage, supplemented with a balanced mix of organic grains and minerals, creates a nutritious egg high in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.  

During the colder months, the hens roam freely in passive solar hoop buildings which provide both warmth and natural light. Unless it's very bitter, they also venture outside to a large south facing yard.  We add organic alfalfa meal to their feed to provide a source of "dried pasture". The birds like it and the egg yolks seem to darken a shade from the added nutrition.

All our eggs are inspected three times, at collection, during candling* and finally, when they're packed into cartons.  They are then stored in a 38 degree cooler before delivery to local grocery stores, food co-ops, CSA's, restaurants, work places and homes.  In fact, all our eggs are delivered within 30 miles of the farm.

We  are committed to caring for our birds in a humane manner while producing high quality eggs delivered fresh to you. We hope that you will see and taste the difference a little grass and sunshine can make.

* Candling is the process of shining light through the egg to identify internal abnormalities and cracks in the shell.






An aerial view of the pasture shelters reveals part of the inspiration for the name of our brand Pasture Patterns.  Pasturing also creates a pattern of life that must blend and adjust to the changes between and within each season.



Committed to Sustainability Practices

At Prairie Bluff Farm we are working towards greater sustainability. Using a grass-based system on Southern Wisconsin's rolling landscape builds top soil, requires less fossil fuel and eliminates the need for herbicides and insecticides.  Allowing the animals to share in the work of harvesting, trimming, and fertilizing the pastures improves their health and further reduces dependency on off-farm energy inputs.  

The winter poultry buildings are solar heated and naturally ventilated.  Individual nest boxes are collected by hand and the poultry grain feeders are also filled with a bit of exercise.  We do enjoy the help of an electric chore cart and a skid loader or tractor for the bigger jobs.

The egg washing and packing room is constructed within a 100 year old barn giving the beautiful old building modern purpose and reason to keep in repair. The egg washing machine cleans the eggs using a hot water system with no added chemicals. The eggs are carefully packed into 100% recycled fiber cartons or reusable plastic flats which are then placed into reusable plastic egg crates.  All Pasture Patterns eggs come from our farm.  We do not buy eggs from other producers. 









  • No synthetic pesticide or fertilizer
  • Organic, non-medicated feed
  • Pastured to reduce grain use
  • Passive solar winter housing
  • Chemical-free egg cleaning process
  • Packaged in 100% recycled paper cartons or reusable flats
  • Transported in reusable crates